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Every organization has a unique requirement for operational and business support systems. Be it for a core application or one that extends your existing ERP, MISNet offers rapid development services to deploy and manage your system in a single environment.

  • Leverage MISNet’s knowledge in challenges and practices of various industries and develop a process-driven application solution for your company.

  • Take advantage of MISNet’s experience and expertise in building operational and business support applications like purchase management, order management, CRM, and more.

  • Drive rapid implementation based on the Agile methodology.

  • Use a platform that enables your IT team to manage the whole application life cycle in a single environment.

MISNet offers application development services for the following areas:

  • Core applications. Design, build, develop, and manage your business application from end to end.

  • Extension applications. Augment the scope of your ERP to include purchasing approval, order management, and other processes important to your operations.

  • Satellite applications. Acquire and start using best practice applications for your department’s operations.

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