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With MISNet’s business intelligence solution, eliminate the hours of time you spend manually manipulating spreadsheets. Avoid human error by viewing real-time dashboards and visual reports. Finally, make business decisions based on hard – and accurate – numbers.

Our analytics solution provides retailers actionable data – what to sell, whom to sell to, and where to sell it. Visually represent history, trends, and point-in-time information so you can make decisions on your product mixes, sales channels, inventory, and other aspects of your operations.

  • Empower your business users. Create dashboards and reports that capture your KPIs and help you monitor your performance. Do your own analysis and ad hoc reports and embed them in your presentations slides – no programming required.

  • Analyze on the fly. Gain business insight while on a sales call, in a regional conference, or while on vacation anywhere in the globe.

  • Do data discovery like never before. From your own desktop, use data from your POS, ERP, or spreadsheets to discover trends, outliers, and opportunities for growth.

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