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IT leaders and practitioners see and understand their data in #WhyBI: a forum on analytics
Posted on Thursday, 9 October 2014

#WhyBI: a forum on analytics


Information technology and business intelligence practitioners from various industries in the Philippines gathered to exchange ideas and learn from thought leaders in the recently concluded “#WhyBI: a forum on analytics”. The forum was held on October 8, 2014 at the F1 Hotel Manila in Taguig City, hosted by local technology consulting company MISNet and supported by the fastest growing BI company Tableau Software.

Development Bank of the Philippines SVP-CIO Nilo Cruz, a pillar in the IT industry and a major influence in strategy and governance, delivered the keynote “The Business Intelligence Imperative”. In his segment, Cruz emphasized how business intelligence transforms the IT landscape in terms of seizing new opportunities that were not readily available in the past. As a seasoned IT practitioner, he shared what he sees as potential challenges and successes for project owners and technical and business users.

Tableau Software did what they do best: help people see and understand data. In the forum, the audience witnessed firsthand how easy it is to discover information visually from what used to be just rows and columns of numbers and characters. With Tableau, they can perform analysis and make decisions in minutes, not in days or weeks.

A panel of IT leaders from well-admired corporations – Alaska, Unilab, 7-Eleven, Third Pillar Business Applications and Consulting, and MISNet – exchanged ideas, shared experiences, and gave actionable advice on evaluating, implementing, and getting an organization to use business intelligence. While, like many IT projects, there are challenges to be expected along the way, fostering a data-driven culture through BI benefits both IT and business users, and, ultimately, the forward-looking corporation that welcomed its implementation.

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