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Unilab goes live with MISNet Supply Chain Planning solution
Leading pharma company to achieve forecasting and inventory goals via ToolsGroup Service Optimizer 99+
Posted on Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Unilab goes live with MISNet Supply Chain Planning solution

The Unilab, MISNet, and ToolsGroup team at the contract signing last January 10, 2014.

Leading pharmaceutical and healthcare company United Laboratories, Inc. (Unilab) has implemented a business solution to optimize their Supply Chain Planning and achieve excellent service levels. Unilab chose European company ToolsGroup to provide the solution Service Optimizer 99+ (SO99+) and Filipino technology consulting company MISNet to deliver the application.

ToolsGroup Service Optimizer 99+ (SO99+) is a simple yet powerful solution suite for demand planning, inventory optimization, and replenishment planning. This technology has revolutionized supply chain and inventory planning for over 250 customers, from enterprise to mid-tier companies, around the world. In the Philippines, MISNet is the sole license and implementation partner of ToolsGroup.

It is critical for Unilab to be able to fulfill orders at all times. They want to achieve it without holding excessive stocks that can lead to obsolescence, waste, and, ultimately, higher cost. Now armed with an advanced supply chain planning tool, Unilab will have better insight into customer demand. This will lead to improved forecast accuracy that will help them, like other ToolsGroup customers, obtain sustainable fill rates of over 99% while optimizing product mix and stock level and provide opportunities to reduce global inventory by up to 20%.

Nestor Felicio, Corporate Vice President of Unilab, says “Unilab’s mission is to provide quality and affordable healthcare products and services for Filipinos. Inventory planning and demand forecasting are vital in upholding the level of service that we give our increasingly discerning customers. With ToolsGroup providing the tool and MISNet implementing the solution, we can ensure that our customers are well taken care of.”

Alex Clarin of MISNet, says, “Working with Unilab gives our companies the opportunity to learn from each other’s expertise – in business and technology – and to kick start the next generation of supply chain planning.”

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