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PEMC’s mission is to achieve the highest standard of self-governance and market operations in the competitive electricity market. This can be achieved through a fair and visible trading environment. We initiated this business development and external services project in hopes of ensuring a greater level of transparency to our customers, stakeholders, and the public.
– Robinson Descanzo, Vice President for Corporate Planning and Communications, PEMC

MISNet is developing a data distribution and analytics solution for the Philippine Electricity Market Corporation. The system is to enhance transparency and competitiveness in the electricity market for the country through:

  • A central platform for data provision, market analysis, and reporting
  • Accessible dashboards for members to see the latest information

To know more about the solution deployed at PEMC, click here. To know more about MISNet’s analytics solution, click here.

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About MISNet

MISNet combines its industry experience, technology expertise, and practical understanding of real-world business realities to deliver end-to-end solutions and services to customers: from providing the IT-based application that corresponds to the business challenges, its implementation, operation, training, to 24/7 support.