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Unilab is dedicated to provide quality and affordable healthcare products and services for Filipinos. Inventory planning and demand forecasting are vital in upholding the level of service that we give our increasingly discerning customers. With ToolsGroup providing the tool and MISNet implementing the solution, we can ensure that our customers are well taken care of.
– Nestor Felicio, Corporate Vice President, Unilab

MISNet implemented a supply chain planning solution for Unilab. The solution features demand planning and inventory optimization to generate higher service levels at a reduced inventory. This leads to improved forecast accuracy and optimized product mix and stock levels. The company now enjoys an automated operations system that:

  • Provides more accurate forecasts for better insight into customer demand
  • Optimizes product mix and stock level to help sustain fill rates of over 99%
  • Helps reduce global inventory by up to 20%

To know more about the solution deployed at Unilab, click here. To know more about MISNet’s supply chain planning solution, click here.

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