What sells on your shelves?

Retailers thrive – or wither – by mastering their supply chain, optimizing pricing, understanding customers, and ultimately selling stuff. As retailers mushroom in size, format, and scope, success will increasingly rely on timely, insightful decisions to do these things exceedingly well.

Lots of data is already available to retailers to make good decisions – from loyalty programs and web analytics to third-party information and point-of-sale details. But there’s a big gap between having the data and putting it to work for you. Tableau’s analytical depth and visualization capabilities can help improve your retail analytics by allowing you to:

  • Create interactive dashboards that support real-time decisions
  • Incorporate geographical-based data for targeted segmentation
  • Blend multiple data sources for more robust analysis

Below is a sales performace dashboard designed in Tableau Desktop. It is interactive! Filter, sort, and drill down to get to the bottom of your analysis.

Want to design a dashboard of your own? Download a free 14-day full version trial here.

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