Our Solutions

Implementing an ERP takes time, resources, and patience. Like most companies, you will want to make sure you maximize your investment. MISNet understands the importance of augmenting the scope of your ERP to get your end-to-end, mission-critical processes in place. With MISNet’s custom development services, you can build and deploy apps that automate your purchase approval, order management, and other processes important to your operations.

  • Transact outside of SAP. Our extension apps provide an alternative way to expand your ERP while keeping the cost in check.
  • Seamlessly integrate. Our platform is SAP-certified, so we can push to and pull from your ERP at any instance.
  • Deploy now. We can rapidly develop your extension apps via the use of our application templates, business process modeling, and a workflow engine. Our platform is built for change, so you can start with one process and grow.

OutSystems is present in the Philippines via technology consulting company and OutSystems reseller MISNet. For your application development needs, call 621-9202 and ask for Yanna or email marketing@misnet.com.ph.

About MISNet

MISNet combines its industry experience, technology expertise, and practical understanding of real-world business realities to deliver end-to-end solutions and services to customers: from providing the IT-based application that corresponds to the business challenges, its implementation, operation, training, to 24/7 support.