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Tableau is business intelligence software that allows anyone to connect to data in a few clicks, then visualize and create interactive, sharable dashboards with a few more. It’s easy enough that any Excel user can learn it, but powerful enough to satisfy even the most complex analytical problems. Consolidate even the most diverse data types and get robust analysis within seconds. Whether on desktop or server, Tableau provides rapid-fire BI that can help your business reach new heights.

To know more about Tableau business intelligence, go to www.tableau.com. Download a 14-day full version trial here.


The OutSystems platform makes it exceedingly easy to build, deploy, and manage complex and scalable enterprise web and mobile applications. The OutSystems platform is the only application platform as a service (PaaS) available as a cloud, on-premises, or hybrid solution that generates standard Java and .NET applications with fully automated DevOps support. The OutSystems platform enables enterprise development teams to deliver faster release cycles and realize a quicker and larger return on investment without the proprietary restrictions of other systems.

To know more about OutSystems, go to www.outsystems.com.


ToolsGroup offers an entirely new approach to supply chain planning by injecting a much higher level of automation and intelligence into your planning process. SO99+ is a single integrated system that can fine tune forecasts with demand sensing capabilities and replenish inventory by recommending new orders and/or reallocation from suppliers. Achieve sustainable service levels, spot-on inventory targets that drive 30-40% improvements in inventory efficiency, and lower overhead and ownership costs.

To know more about ToolsGroup solutions, go to www.toolsgroup.com.


Talend data integration solutions offer an easy-to-use set of unified tools to ingest, cleanse, mask and profile all of your data, regardless of source, so companies can turn data into decisions faster. In today’s increasingly competitive market, companies need the ability to act with insight in order to stay ahead. Talend’s integration solutions are used by over 1,300 customers worldwide, including several FORTUNE 100 consumer products, healthcare, manufacturing, credit card and financial services companies.

To know more about Talend, go to www.talend.com.


Datawatch empowers business users and data analysts to overcome traditional data access and preparation challenges by enabling them to easily and rapidly mine data from virtually any source and then manipulate, blend, enrich and prepare it for use in analytics tools or optimizing manually intensive business processes.

To know more about Datawatch, go to www.datawatch.com.


OFS (Operations Feedback Systems) first entered production as far back as 1998. Early versions of OFS software supplied real-time feedback about production orders to planners and scheduling systems with the objective of increasing DIFOT (Deliveries In Full On Time). DIFOT certainly started improving but there was another surprise benefit – productivity was soaring! This proved to be the real prize delivered by OFS.

To know more about OFS, go to www.ofsystems.com.

About MISNet

MISNet combines its industry experience, technology expertise, and practical understanding of real-world business realities to deliver end-to-end solutions and services to customers: from providing the IT-based application that corresponds to the business challenges, its implementation, operation, training, to 24/7 support.