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New Tableau 9.0: new features to get deeper answers, faster
Posted on Monday, 13 April 2015


If you thought Tableau is so great, it’s gotten even better. The fastest growing visual analytics application is raising the bar of self-service business intelligence with a new theme: smart meets fast. Smoother workflows. Analytics with a click. Powerful new calculations. Pivot and split grumpy Excel data. Publish your work in Tableau Server to a make sure that everyone in team works fast, fast, fast.

  • Usability – With the new Tableau, exploring and presenting your data is easier, faster, and more beautiful than ever before.
  • Analytics in the flow – Tableau gives you instant visual feedback as you experiment with data. Answer deeper questions as the tool fades to the background.
  • Smart maps – Answer geographic questions more easily with Tableau than with any other tool. Search in the map or lasso data points. Smoother map interactions mean you stay in the flow of your analytical thoughts while you investigate “where?”
  • Data preparation – Connecting to messy spreadsheets with Tableau is fast and easy. Fix data while you connect and skip Excel.
  • New Tableau Server and Tableau Online – Tableau Server has been rebuilt from the ground up to be faster, more scalable, and more extensible—all while sporting a new look and a more intuitive navigation.
  • Faster performance – Individual performance improvements in Tableau 9.0 combine to provide unprecedented overall speed increases across workbooks. Caching and consolidation eliminate some queries. Other queries run faster on extracts, or process in parallel for quicker load times.

But don’t take our word for it. Explore Tableau business intelligence 9.0 features here. Or try it for free by downloading it here.

MISNet is a Tableau reseller partner in the Philippines. With over 22 years of experience in IT, it is one of the pioneers in business intelligence in the country. For inquiries about Tableau and how you can start using it in your company, call 621-9202 and ask for Yanna or email marketing@misnet.com.ph. Get a free 14-day full version trial of Tableau by clicking here.

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