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5 application development myths you need to ditch in 2015
Posted on Monday, 16 March 2015


As enterprise technologies advances, so does a new set of tech myths begin creep in. A leader in application development platforms, OutSystems lists new myths that have risen in the rapidly changing practice of enterprise application development. Digital Marketing Director Michel Ozzello lists these myths that CIOs need to leave behind.

  • We don’t build anything, SaaS is enough. Many organizations have turned to SaaS packages to address small application requirements in a quick and affordable way. However, most if not all such packages cannot fit the unique, unchangeable processes of the organizations they are deployed in. Customizing the supposedly “off-the-shelf” solutions have become more expensive over the years.
  • If the software delivered is big enough, it makes sense for the project to take two years. With the current tools, infrastructure, and delivery methods, what used to be a two-year long project can now be delivered in six months. Every day of delay means more opportunities lost.

Today, it has never been more apparent that companies need to build their own apps, and they need to build them fast.

To read about all 5 myths, read the complete article here.

These myths can be easily dispelled with the right tools. The OutSystems Platform is the fastest way to create, deploy, and change custom mobile and web applications. This rapid application delivery solution enables users to visually design entire applications, integrate existing data and code, and then manage the entire application lifecycle.

OutSystems is present in the Philippines via technology consulting company MISNet. For your application development needs, call 621-9202 and ask for Yanna or email marketing@misnet.com.ph.

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